Sherman Oaks

April,22, 2017(closed)
April, 23, 2017(closed)

Sherman Oaks Estate Sale, antiques, WW2 and Masonic memorabilia and household items.

Sherman Oaks Estate Sale!
This is a classic estate sale!

This house is jammed full of over 60 years of collecting by a World War 2 / Korean War Veteran. We need to liquidate everything this weekend so our prices will be very fair. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Featured items include: Lots of vintage 1940;s – 70’s items, wartime memorabilia, uniforms and ephemera, vintage books, oil paintings, furniture, vintage dishes and the usual accumulation over the years.

Antique overstuffed tufted armchairs in their original Satin. 1950’s Italian Regency style coffee table and dining room set. 1960’s vintage sofa and vintage sleeper sofa, antique Moravian chair Hand made vintage Persian / Oriental rugs.

Very old vintage Television sets, 1950’s – 60’s. Vintage Trumpet and Armenian Drum A large collection of Lp records. (Classical, Armenian, etc.)

Old clocks! Antique crocks, oak rocker, old mirrors, vanity sets, wooden crates, vintage Ball canning jars, Lots of small items, showcases of jewelry, etc.

A vintage 40’s traditional Bow Front Federal Revival style solid Mahogany Bedroom set. Two twin beds, Victorian Quarter sawn Oak dresser, Maple kitchen set, desks, bookshelves, and miscellaneous antique furnishings of all sorts.

Lots of office supplies, vintage camping gear, garden items, tools, etc.

This house has too much to itemize. We are still staging, it’s a big job, please check back for more photos and updates.