Sat, April 1, 2017    (closed)
Sun, April 2, 2017   (closed)

Old Hollywood Film Hoarder Estate Sale!

This is a classic “very full” hoarder estate sale!

This house is jammed full of over 60 years of collecting by a costume designer / film collector and author David Chierichetti.

We need to liquidate everything this weekend so our prices will be very fair.

I will let the photos speak for themselves, as any description can’t accurately describe the content of this old Silverlake Bungalow. It’s rather like King Tut’s tomb of the golden age of Hollywood, but you need to be ready to “dig” for your treasures! Think of it rather more Archeology that Picking! Wear closed flat shoes and long pants. There’s a lot of stuff and jumbled items to pick threw and a basement loaded with memorabilia.

Featured items include: Lots of vintage magazines, (film and stage related) photos, artwork, slides, film reels, books, memorabilia and ephemera, maps and brochures, all going back to the late 20’s to the early 80’s. A collection of vintage Gay adult material (XXX photos and mags) mixed into the piles of materials in this house. Vintage books, oil paintings, cameras and darkroom equipment, dishes and the usual accumulation over the years. A antique Empire sofa (new upholstery) and overstuffed Armchair with footstool to match in Canary yellow velvet. Hand made vintage Persian / oriental rugs. An Unusual 1940’s Armchair and footstool in this extraordinary vintage “ Wine colored Cherub” upholstery. An antique Empire Dresser with Crotch Mahogany Veneer. Several Antique Wardrobes, upright piano, beds, desks, chairs and miscellaneous antique furnishings of all sorts. An antique trunk full of vintage 40’s threw 70’s sewing patterns, lots of antique trunks and vintage textiles plus many leather scraps. Vintage clothing! Lots of 70 -80’s Polyester and odd ball men’s clothing, etc. This house has too much to itemize. Look at the photos and then come on by.

We are still staging, it’s a big job, please check back for more photos and updates.

Sunday is up to 50% off!
Come on by and buy.