Every estate presents its own unique requirements. Estate Sale Angels is different than most estate sale companies in that we handle each estate in a custom tailored fashion! Every estate deserves the “concierge” touch!

 We act as your Agent and work for you!


Call us to arrange a free consultation or in-home evaluation and we will discuss how we can help you to optimize your situation.

Your estate may benefit from using a combination of services, and not just an estate sale.  For select items we may agree that it’s in your best interests to go to auction, or we may recommend having an “on site” auction or private “invitation only” sale. Or you can list choice items “on line” with us. With our  network of collectors and dealers we can quickly sell your items without the mess or fuss of a public sale. Let our experience and connections work for you.

Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, bonded and insured to guarantee your peace of mind. Resolving an estate is like baking a cake — like any good recipe it’s the quality of ingredients and how they are combined that make the most successful outcome!

Our concierge services include the following:

  • Appraisals and Inventories
  • Professional Photography
  • Auctions and Consignments (online or on site)
  • Private/Exclusive  Sales (on or off site)
  • Automobile Sales
  • Property Move In/Out
  • Post Sale Clean-Up

Estate Sales

When we host an estate sale it is typically done within the place from which the contents are being sold. We will turn your home into a boutique where all of your possessions are displayed in an attractive light. We price to get you the most amount of money with complete liquidation in mind.

How We Advertise

  • In the classified section of your local newspaper
  • Online – via our website and other estate sales outlets
  • Social Media
  • Directional Signage
  • Newsletters and email announcements to our exclusive list of estate sale shoppers, including antique dealers, interior designers and collectors.

Staging and Set up

An average estate sale usually takes about one week to stage. To prepare your home we will require access to your property. An estate sale usually lasts between two to three days and typically occurs over a weekend. Together we will coordinate and schedule the sale. You will have a chance to set a reserve or lowest price point for those items you deem necessary and we will isolate items that you wish to keep in a “safe zone” that is locked away from the public. A security guard can be hired for additional peace of mind.


Estate Sale Angels offers “on site” auctions as an option for quick turnaround or “on-line” auctions to get the most out of special items.

We know from years of experience which premium auction house is best for each category of items. Let us consign your high value items at well known auction house on your behalf and realize maximum returns.


It is important to remember that value is determined by what someone is willing to pay. All of your items are worth something to someone but you have to keep in mind that your goal is to liquidate your belongings. We go to great lengths to try to get you the most money.

Estate Sale Angels charges 35% of the Gross Sales. Included in this fee are all costs associated with running an estate sale, staffing, researching, advertising and security.