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Sherman Oaks Estate Sale! WW2 / Korean War, antiques

Sherman Oaks

April,22, 2017(closed)
April, 23, 2017(closed)

Sherman Oaks Estate Sale, antiques, WW2 and Masonic memorabilia and household items.

Sherman Oaks Estate Sale!
This is a classic estate sale!

This house is jammed full of over 60 years of collecting by a World War 2 / Korean War Veteran. We need to liquidate everything […]

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Woodland Hills

Sat, April 8, 2017    (Closed)
Sun, April 9, 2017   (Closed)

Kennedy’s Assignation Author Patricia Lambert’s Estate Sale, antiques, memorabilia and household items.

Welcome to this Estate Sale! This is an appointment only sale and we are still staging at this moment!

This estate has interesting vintage collectables and Antiques. Patricia was a […]

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Sat, April 1, 2017    (closed)
Sun, April 2, 2017   (closed)

Old Hollywood Film Hoarder Estate Sale!

This is a classic “very full” hoarder estate sale!

This house is jammed full of over 60 years of collecting by a costume designer / film collector and author David Chierichetti.

We need to liquidate everything this […]

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Lovely Valencia Estate Sale


Sat, Feb 25, 2017    (closed)
Sun, Feb 26, 2017   (closed)

This lovely Valencia home is two stories and is full of fabulous finds. Theirs a definite Lighthouse theme to this home.

Saturday at Marked Prices – (Discounts after 2pm) Discount Sunday up to 50% OFF Come on over for great bargains! This […]

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Sat, Jan 14, 2017   (closed)
Sun, Jan 15, 2017    (closed)

Overstuffed “Man Cave” Estate Sale
This is a true very full “hoarder style” estate sale!

This house is jammed full of over 20 years of collecting by a bachelor attorney. We need to liquidate everything this weekend so our prices will be very fair.

Included in this […]

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Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes

1/7/2017 (closed)
1/8/2017 (closed)

Welcome to this Palos Verdes traditional Estate Sale!

This is a very traditional full house “untouched” estate and you get to go treasure hunting here.

This estate is very full of interesting vintage collectables and useful household items. There are many Angel figures and plush toys like Bennie Babies also fine […]

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Beverly Hills Adjacent Condo Estate Sale

Beverly Hills Adjacent

12/3/2016 (closed)
12/4/2016 (closed)

This nice Beverly Hills adjacent Condo has a variety of furnishing and items just in time for the holidays.

There are vintage Asian collectables, silver plated flatware, crystal chandeliers, vintage artwork and small collectables and Jewelry, vintage oil paintings and artworks.

My prices are very fair and […]

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Magnificent Lake Encino Traditional Estate Sale!


11/12/2016 (closed) (Sat)
11/13/2016 (closed) (Sun)

This grand estate is tastefully decorated with fine contemporary furniture accented with fine antiques.

There are many fine hand made oriental rugs and silk upholstered sofas, fine ceramics including Limoges and Asian collectables.

Included in this sale are a traditional dining table with 6 chairs, large china […]

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Estate Sale in Hancock Park

Handcock Park

11/5/2016 (closed) (Sat)
11/6/2016 (closed) (Sun)

This older Spanish colonial home was continuously occupied since the 1930’s. The house is two stories and is full of fabulous finds from years of collecting by an original Hollywood family.

This house is full of vintage Asian collectables, Chinese and Japanese porcelain, Satsuma, many vintage soapstone carvings, rosewood, Cinnabar, Cloisonné […]

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Estate Sale in Porter Ranch

Porter Ranch

10/15/2016 (closed)
10/16/2016 (closed)

Welcome to our next Estate Sale in Porter Ranch.

This was the home of three generations of Teachers and was continuously occupied since 1962.

The house is Tri-level and has a very Brady Bunch vibe about it.

Lots of vintage costume jewelry! Tones of books and Lp records!

Furniture: . Two upholstered armchairs, two wooden arm […]

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